Monday, July 4, 2011

Don't Step on That!!

It's 104 degrees in the shade in Dallas Texas these days. That makes our surrounding surfaces quite hot. In fact, it's about time for one of our local news crews to cook an egg on the sidewalk. So if it's hot enough to make a "smothered and covered" on the sidewalk, then you have absolutely no need to walk barefoot to check the mail if you are diabetic (and even if you aren't).

When diabetic patients lose the feeling in their feet, they often think it is ok to walk around barefoot. "It's ok, I can't feel it anyway". That's not the case. I will see time and again in the summers, diabetic patients who walk barefoot on sidewalks or concrete for just a few steps that cause 3 degree burns to those precious feet.

Now as I've discussed in previous blogs, any open wound can cause infection that leads to amputation. Burns are among the worst. Most of the time they do get infected. And if they are extensive, meaning covering the majority of the foot, that is high alert for amputation. And I'm not talking taking off a toe or two, the whole leg. Just for walking barefoot.

If this does happen to you, seek treatment immediately. The wounds need to be cleansed properly and antibiotics started right away. And a good wound care regimen is necessary to heal those wounds.

Be smart when it's hot. Wear your shoes!

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